I haven't really made an official post on the new site, so here goes. It's now officially Summer, even though the weather sometimes likes to play some games with us. We just put up some new items in the Boutique, so go check them out! It's the first wave of Spring/Summer be on the lookout for more. The GO AWOL! line will feature various Military inspired themes and designs. Coming from an ARMY background, I feel that this collection of product really speaks for me, and represents who I am as well as what made me. Speaking of the Military; we decided to expand the shop to include brands that we feel fit our aesthetic and personal mission regarding independent/underground fashion.

As you may have already noticed, we started carrying Rothco Brand Camouflage Pants and Shorts. Some of you might be wondering what does this brand have to do with independent streetwear? Well, take a good look around you...this brand creates true US Military product; product that some of your favorite companies try to emulate within their own lines. Why mess with trying to copy a tried and true product, when you can just offer it to your people instead. Military Camouflage is a staple of underground fashion; from Hardcore Punk Rock to Hip-Hop, and various crossovers in musical genres...this brand remains at the forefront of cutting edge/trendy fashion. Along with carrying Rothco, we are also opening up our Boutique to carrying other independent artists and brands; which is something I am excited about!

I am very fortunate to be working with our dude Jay True (AKA True The Ville, AKA Third Eye True). I saw Jay's work on Instagram, and wanted to work with him immediately. He's an independent artist that works in various forms of media, and I believe the work speaks for itself. Check him out on various social media platforms:


To kick off our partnership, and future collaborations, we will be carrying his line of Snapback Hats. His hats feature the word TRUE created from hand selected vinyl laminated fabric swatch on vintage style flat bill snapback hats. Each cap is handmade, so no two pieces are identical, creating a unique individual look, which is something we at ESC strive for.

Be on the lookout for future collaborations with other independent artists and brands as we continue to build our online presence. Rest assure that we will continue to cater to the individual and never will you see the cookie cutter clothing brands that have jumped ship from independent streetwear boutiques to the fast cash of Mall Of America retail world on our site. We may run a business, and businesses operate with the goal of making money...but we believe that we have something more to offer than taking your money in exchange for uninspired/tired design concepts. We will never sellout, always staying true to our motto; RISE ABOVE, STAND ALONE.

Thanks for sticking with us and continuing to help us grow as a company. I'd like to say that I do this brand for me...but in reality, you are the ones that keep it going. Let's show the world what we are all about.


Tommy Mioli