Wonder if it would’ve been too real to have Riff Raff playing himself in this flick.

For all the Irish folks out there. Sorry it’s not House Of Pain’s “Jump Around.”

Inspector Spacetime

While watching the most recent episode of Community, S04E03 “Conventions of Space and Time,” I decided to do some Googling. I searched “Inspector Spacetime” just to see what would pop up. I was surprised that there is a webisode on Youtube for an “Inspector Spacetime” web series starring the actor that plays the character of the Inspector in Community, but for legal reasons it’s been renamed “Untitled Web Series About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time.”

As some of you know this show within is a show is based off of BBC’s “Dr Who.” I’m pretty late on all of this, but I just recently started watching Dr Who and put all the pieces together.

Anyway, enjoy.