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1001 Chess Exercises for Beginners by Franco Masetti, Roberto Messa

By Franco Masetti, Roberto Messa

Chess is ninety nine% strategies! This recognized maxim may well sound unusual yet is basically simply an exaggerated uncomplicated fact: so that you can win extra video games, not anything works larger than education mixtures. fixing many tactical puzzles is what makes the adaptation for rookies and informal gamers. There are sorts of books on strategies, those who introduce the options by means of a a few examples, and workbooks that comprise a variety of routines. Chess masters Franco Masetti and Roberto Messa have performed either: they clarify the fundamental tactical principles and supply an immense volume of routines for every various subject matter. 1001 Chess workouts for newcomers is a smart first strategies publication. It is helping you in choosing susceptible spots within the place of your opponent, in spotting styles of combos, and in visualizing tips.

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492 491 490 Black was hoping for more 489 488 487 Stay calm Just where I want you Only one piece can move Do what you must! 73 How to stop mate? In the following exercises a variety of motifs are employed. White moves and wins, often using a combination of d ifferent tactical elements. Over the board, individual tactical motifs are often hidden in the complexity of the position, and a player must train his eye to recognise how a combination of tactical themes can be put tog ether to achieve his objective, be it mate or winning material.

466 An active king An endgame study 467 468 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 a A famous theme c e g A round of applause if you get this! 69 The most famous study of them all White to move Solutions on page 133 1 . �xg7+! mxg7 2. 'WgS+ mh8 3. Tactics are not only for winning material or delivering checkmate. 'Wf6+ mg8 4. 'WgS+ and perpetual Sometimes the purpose of the most spectacular combinations is to salvage check. If Black tries 1 .. mh8, White has 2. �xh7+! mxh7 3. 'Wh3+ mg6 4. 'Wg4+ mh7 3. 'WhS+ etc. a draw in what at first sight appears to be a lost position.

394 393 392 The right rook Exchange sacrifice and deflection 396 395 The h-file 58 Weakness on c6 Deflection 397 a 398 b c d e g h a Double deflection & back rank mate 399 b c d g e Mate in 3 Let the man through 401 400 Composed deflection 403 402 Surprisingly effective One step forward 404 405 A forceful knight This is nice 406 407 408 f A king has walked into danger g h The black queen is overloaded 59 h4 holds the answer White to play Solutions on page 13 1 We should always be on the lookout another tactical motif; i n o u r first for a sacrifice that draws an opponen­ example it is a fork, in the second a t's piece onto a critical square.

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