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A Concise Grammar for English Language Teachers by Tony Penston

By Tony Penston

A Concise Grammar for English Language academics - это новая редакция очень популярной грамматики A Grammar path for TEFL certificates. Эта книга является, пожалуй, единственно действительно удобной грамматикой для преподавателей английского языка .... находка для тех, кто раньше «боялся» английской грамматики. Ясно и четко рассматривает проблемные моменты, с которыми обычно сталкиваются учителя, например, распознавание времен и их употребление, условия, вспомогательные глаголы, относительные предложения и т.д.
Включает в себя множество заметок к преподаванию с практическими рекомендациями, а также раздел, посвященный анализу и коррекции ошибок, демонстрирует использование доски и парной-работы. Если вы совершенствуете свой английский самостоятельно или на заочных курсах - это пособие будет очень полезным для вас.

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Sentence Pattern 5: Subject/Linking Verb/Subject Complement 27 When the verb in the sentence is a linking verb, the word that it links to the subject is called the subject complement. A subject complement is a word that follows a linking verb and renames or describes the subject. Subject complements can be nouns, pronouns, or adjectives: S LV SC (noun) Shelly is a student of history. S LV SC (noun) Jack became a tour director in Europe. S LV SC (adjective) She was alone for three years. S LV SC (adjective) The sky appeared black before the storm.

Your lame excuse is definitely not acceptable. 12. His fiftieth birthday party was really fun. TEST YOURSELF Directions: Label all of the adjectives and adverbs in the following sentences. adj. adj. adv. adj. adj. adj. adv. Example: A Roman soldier proudly entered the crowded city after a very adj. decisive victory. 1. Great apes live peacefully in completely protected areas. 2. His car skidded sharply into the wrong lane. 3. Mark’s sister was so happy that she finally got a very significant raise in her salary.

I kept Nicky busy during the boring speech. 6. The committee appointed me the leader. 7. Carlie made me sorry about my behavior. 8. I consider you my friend. Diagramming Subject/Verb/Direct Object/Object Complement Sentence Patterns To diagram a sentence in the Subject/Verb/Direct Object/Object Complement pattern, begin with the parts you already know. subject verb direct object The object complement follows a backslash placed next to the direct object. Notice how the line points back to the direct object, the word the object complement renames or describes.

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