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A game for swallows : to die, to leave, to return by Zeina Abirached

By Zeina Abirached

Residing in the middle of civil warfare in Beirut, Lebanon, Zeina and her brother face a night of apprehension while their mom and dad don't go back from a trip to the opposite part of town

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Of course I’ll watch out for him. Do you want to talk to Anhala? Mom? When are you and Pop coming back? Yes, I went down earlier to check on you. When I didn’t see you, I stayed wiTh The children. No, honey, don’t worry. They’re here wiTh me. We’re in The foyer. Since we lived on The second floor, The floor least exposed to shelling, our apartment’s foyer was The safest room in The whole building . . and our neighbors had gotten into The habit of gaThering There evenings when There was bombing.

Ahhh . . Paris was so beautiful. You have no idea! PFFF 58 hm It was beautiful, but it was too big. It was so big That The people you passed in The street. . well, you’d probably never see Them again! And you know how They get around up There? How? They have trains That run underground! Can you imagine?! Nooo, I’d raTher stay right here! At least I feel at home here. Anhala had been wiTh Farah’s family for sixty-five years. 59 She started working at The age of 10 for Farah’s great-grandparents.

Then, as blackouts became more common, he started doing bits of electrical repair. And as war was increasingly becoming part of our daily life, Chucri sank what little he’d managed to set aside into The Thing That would regulate our days and nights for years: an electric generator. hm I had to wait in The car until 10. Luckily, it was a slow morning. Next, Chucri proposed a monThly fee to The entire building. That way, everyone could benefit from The “motor” he’d set up on his balcony. After carefully calculating The amps involved, you could, wiTh The “motor,” light up part of your home, or one room and The TV, or do some vacuuming or ironing.

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