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A Grammar of Modern Latvian (Slavistic Printings and by Trevor G. Fenell, Henriki Gelson

By Trevor G. Fenell, Henriki Gelson

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In the data set that was used for this investigation (and which is taken from Peter Crombecq's annual overview of Belgian beers for the year 1992) no less than 1454 different brands are distinguished. In Crombecq's own classification of these beers according to taste and alcoholic strength, no less than 304 distinct types of taste appear. A comparison with Holland, Belgium's nearest neighbour, strengthens the impression of diversity. Against the 1454 different brands to be found in Belgium, there are only 354 Dutch ones.

References Allen, James F. 1984 Towards a general theory of action and time. 2: 123154. Aurnague, Michel 1989 Categorisation des objets dans le langage : les noms et adjectifs de localisation interne. Cahiers de Grammaire n° 14, Toulouse: Universito Toulouse-Le Mirail. 1-21. 1991 Contribution ä etude de la semantique formelle de l'espace et du raisonnement spatial : la localisation interne en fran^ais, semantique et structures inferentielles. D. dissertation, Universit6 Paul Sabatier, Toulouse.

As for topological aspects, the interior of an individual, its closure or the properties of being closed and open can be stated. Let us stress that the topological interior of an individual does not correspond with what we usually call inside in the language. For example, when people refer to the natural inside of a glass they are usually pointing out the portion of space enclosed between its sides (where one can put water) and not the very interior of those sides which contains only glass substance and corresponds in fact to the topological interior.

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