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A History of Greek Public Finance by Andreades A

By Andreades A

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The veil which was placed before the eyes of strangers was raised for Xeno­ phon, who knew about Sparta from near at hand and was closely connected with its king Agesilaus. For this reason, independently of what he says about Spar­ tans in his Hellenica 6 he wrote a special treatise entitled Concerning the Re­ public of the Spartans (IlEpt 11"0>.. nd the translator, N. G. ij, Athens, 1897). , Paris, 1883-84) and the archaeological lexica of Daremberg-Saglio and Pauly-Wissowa, both of which contain im­ portant articles on the ephora, the helots, the perioecii, the Cryptaea, the Homoioi, and the Comae.

29. 7 :-icl' with rc�:ud tu this A. o­ voµla• (lntrodu«tory Lectures to Public I•'inance) (Athens, 1924), Vol. I, p. 8sq. [ 29 J Excursus I Concerning the Minoan Public Finance In note 1 on p. 3, the work of a former student of mine, J. Stavridakis, who has since died, was mentioned. The question may properly be raised, why, when in 1912 I included in the publications of my Seminary a work dealing with Minoan public finance, I do not now devote a chapter to this subject. This question seems all the more natural owing to the fact that during the last few years new discoveries have been made, and, in particular, there have been published a large number of constructive studies dealing with the Minoan civilization; thus, within the year 1924 alone 1 those of G.

2 I give a translation of what Laum has written, as affording confirmation of what I have said about the conjectural character and the extreme generality of the conclusions which science has at present reached on this subject. "The kingdom of Homeric times has been strongly influenced by the East. The king usually builds his palace on a fortified height, which commands the surrounding country. Around it live the servants and officials of the royal household. On the fields which belong to the ruler live the peasants, who pay taxes in kind into the royal store-houses.

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