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A Matter of Magnitude by Al Sevcik

By Al Sevcik

A question of importance is gifted right here in a top quality paperback version. This well known vintage paintings by means of Al Sevcik is within the English language, and should no longer comprise pics or photos from the unique variation. in the event you benefit from the works of Al Sevcik then we hugely suggest this ebook to your publication assortment.

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Incomplete phragmocone. Bed 8 b(ii); SM X40353. – Natural size. Fig. 2. Emileia (Emileia) aff. dundriensis CALLOMON & CHANDLER [M], ventral view of specimen shown on Pl. 10, Fig. 1; SM X40350. 5. Black spot on lateral view indicates the beginning of the bodychamber at the last septum. de/stuttgart/schriften Schriftleitung: Dr.

Note the coronate stage with the prominent primary ribbing on the lateral edge of the whorls up to the bodychambers in Figs. 6–8, resembling that in “Emileites” liebi [M], the supposed sexual dimorphic counterpart. Bed 8 a; SM X40347. Fig. 7. “Trilobiticeras” [gen. ] cricki PARSONS [m]. Larger variant, complete with lappets. Bed 8 b(ii); SM X40348. Fig. 8. “Trilobiticeras” [gen. ] cricki PARSONS [m]. Another complete specimen with lappets. Bed 8 b(ii); SM X40349. All figures natural size. Black spots on lateral views indicate the beginning of the bodychamber at the last septum.

The ovale zone at little down wood 33 34 stuttgarter beiträge zur naturkunde Ser. B, Nr. 368 Plate 6 Fig. 1. Witchellia sayni HAUG [M]. Cast of lectotype (designated here, DOUVILLÉ 1885, pl. 2, fig. 1, 1a). Same source as W. Ovale Zone of the Vallée de Valaury’ (S France); SM X40335, Original STL EM 1719. Fig. 2. Witchellia cf. sayni HAUG [M], adult, intermediate between W. romanoides and W. sayni. Bed 8 a; SM X40327. Fig. 3. Witchellia cf. zugophora (BUCKMAN) [M], small adult variant with crowded last sutures.

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