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A Roll of Thunder From the Void: Vajrakila texts of the by Martin J. Boord, Rig-'Dzin Rdo-Rje, Rig-'Dzin Rgod-Ldem,

By Martin J. Boord, Rig-'Dzin Rdo-Rje, Rig-'Dzin Rgod-Ldem, Rig-'Dzin Padma 'Phrin-Las

This crucial number of teachings from the Northern Treasures Vajrakila cycle comprises liturgical perform texts (sadhana) from the unique treasure revelations, including explanatory notes and commentaries through the seventeenth century grasp Padma 'phrin-las on tips on how to take those practices right into a closed retreat and hire them for the top good thing about oneself and all residing beings. Having turn into empowered within the mandala of Vajrakila by means of a grasp guru, trainees may perhaps use the skillful esoteric suggestions, defined herein, which will enhance a profound experiential walk in the park of the real nature of truth. those texts are manuals, designed to be studied by way of disciplined people who desire to teach themselves in skilful altruism. they're conventional tools for overcoming the instincts of egoistic self-interest, permitting the brain to develop into focussed at the basic welfare of the realm, in order that worthy alterations of significant social price should be caused in either concept and behavior. Painstakingly researched and annotated, this quantity contains English translations of 8 very important texts, including a lot of the unique Tibetan. in the directions for the education and security of the retreat region are hitherto unpublished information of the ability to suppress a number of the periods of afflicting demons (sri) which are strength factors of downfall for all tantric yogins. this is often an old and important element of vajrayana ritual perform that has been a lot missed before.

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Q� "" In the language of India: Srivajrakilaguhyakarmanama. In the language of Tibet: dPal rdo rj e phur pa gsang ba dril sgrub kyi phrin las zhes bya ba. �. �� * Padmasambhava studied the hundred thousand sections ofthe Kilavidyottama-tantra and then practised it for twelve human years in the rock cavern ofgYa'-ri-gong. The ritual form of his practice is exactly the one given here. Those who have gathered together the six necessities of place, teacher, articles, retinue, time andfull vows should perform the preliminary practices according to rule.

Not only that, the astrological texts diffused in Tibet, which are supposed to have come from China, do not exist, even by name, in China, and I wonder whether they were not fabricated by a Tibetan. 399-400. My thanks to Guilaine Mala for the reference and translation. xxxiii xxxiv It appears that the full text of the 'Byung ba rin chen kun 'dus is no longer extant. It was evidently of great interest to Dalai Lama V, and relied upon heavily by his regent Sangs-rgyas rgya-mtsho as well as by Lo-chen Dhar­ masri (1654-1718) in their astrological writings, and then, again, by our author Padma 'phrin-las, all three of whom were proteges of Dalai Lama V.

E. as the mm:ul-a1a of deities), I meditate upon my consciousness as vajra. The light rays from this vajra radiate out [as an offering to all the buddhas]. Gathering up all the siddhi of the buddhas' minds, the light returns and is absorbed into myself. ·��l·Jtac-1�·�l·�{1�·� HOM The wisdom embodiment of all the buddhas, arising from the sphere of the vajradharmadhatu in the irresistible form of blazing wrath. Thus I must arise in this powerful form as the embodiment of all the buddhas' united radiant splendour!

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