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A Theodore Dreiser Encyclopedia by Keith Newlin

By Keith Newlin

For a century, Theodore Dreiser has represented for lots of readers a rebellious modernism whose novels either critiqued the yankee dream and embodied a bleakly deterministic belief of existence. This reference is an authoritative advisor to his existence and works. integrated are numerous hundred entries on each one of Dreiser's books and brief tales, in addition to journal and newspaper items he accrued in the course of his existence.

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Albertine's marriage does not ultimately fail, and Albertine, not her husband, is sexually adventurous. Albertine marries, has affairs, becomes pregnant by a lover while still married, considers abortion, and contemplates divorce. For Dreiser, Albertine is a libertine, a woman who finds happiness when her husband is preoccupied with business. In his characterization of Albertine, Dreiser depicts a woman's power, her potential to soothe or to disrupt. As a distant beauty who has a calming effect on men, Albertine may seem to some to be a passive woman, but she is far more liberated than other women in the gallery.

Then, as he strolled up Broadway, Dreiser chanced to meet his oldest brother, Paul Dresser, currently at the height of his fame and prosperity as a popular songwriter and partner in a successful music-publishing firm. The brothers had been estranged, but one look at Theodore's impoverished condition brought Paul to tears. He forced money on the reluctant Dreiser and eventually extracted the promise that he would rehabilitate at Muldoon's sanitarium, at Paul's expense. Concluding this episode, Dreiser wrote, "The good brother.

Further Reading Bardeleben, Renate von. 1 (2000): 26-42. " First published in Hey Rub-a-Dub-Dub, "The American Financier," whether intended to do so or not, clarifies Dreiser's purpose for his character Frank Cowperwood in the Trilogy of Desire, who embodies the Nietzschean Ubermensch. " Drawing upon the social theories of Herbert Spencer, he argues that "the individual and the mass are interdependent facets" and that despite such "religious and copy-book maxims" as "all men are created equal" and have "the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness," brilliant individuals must somehow rise above this impractical ideology to best use their genius not only for their own profit but also to benefit society.

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