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A Theory of Phrase Markers and the Extended Base by Robert A. Chametzky

By Robert A. Chametzky

This piece of idea building in the govt & Binding (GB) method of syntax specializes in the bottom part and at the nature of word markers. famous structural evidence approximately C-command, coordinate buildings, adjuncts, and Islands are easily assumed, and a theoretical cause of those structural evidence is constructed. The emphasis is on keeping apart theoretical primitives and deducing implications of those primitives during the articulation of an appropriate theoretical structure. virtually completely, issues of coherence, simplicity, and association are used to provide an explanation for structural proof. constitution is the direct aim of idea development, instead of being derived from different issues.

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Indeed, the possibility of the latter reduces the need for the former to zero. 1 Let us examine the tree diagram in (3). < previous page page_28 If you like this book, buy it! next page > < previous page page_29 next page > Page 29 If we ask of a node, say that labelled G, what is the set of C-commanding nodes of G, we see that it is {F, E, B}, according to (1). In addition to being the correct set, we can observe some other interesting properties of this set. Only nodes which are not in a dominance relation to one another can be in the C-command relation: this follows immediately, from (1).

Next page > < previous page cover-2 next page > cover-2 next page > For Ann, Nothing but blue skies from now on < previous page If you like this book, buy it! 0 Not all linguistically significant relations among nodes are among nodes already in a dominance relation. Given that our PMs are defined exclusively in terms of (direct) domination, this fact might seem an embarrassment. But some linguistically significant relations among nodes not related by dominance are no embarrassment at all. " This is both linguistically important and formally simple to define and understand on PMs in our MPST "Sisterhood" holds of nodes directly dominated by the same node, which node we call the "mother" of the sisters.

We could add this general provision outlawing nonbranching domination (as a stipulation) co the MPST. As R/C recognize. the issue, though technical, is not entirely important, as the stipulation would allow to identify the unique minimal factorization of a phrase marker (see below). However, this is both inelegant and not clearly necessary. R/C inventory the types of nonbranching domination found in the linguistic literature and find some four types. One type uses functional labels such as, for example, "subject" or "topic," as the label for a mother to a node labelled with, for example, NP.

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