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A Young Man’s Benefit: The Independent Order of Odd Fellows by George Emery, Herbert Emery

By George Emery, Herbert Emery

Using cliometric equipment and documents from six grand-lodge information, a tender Man's gain rejects the traditional knowledge approximately pleasant societies and illness assurance, arguing that IOOF inns have been financially sound associations, have been extra effective than advertisement insurers, and met a marketplace call for headed via younger males who lacked choices to industry assurance, no longer older males who had an above-average danger of ailment incapacity. Emery and Emery convey that many younger males joined the extraordinary Fellows for disease coverage and give up the society as soon as self-insurance - reductions - or family members assurance - secondary earning from older little ones - made it possible for them. The older males, who valued the social merits of club and didn't desire the in poor health gain, progressively turned a majority and dismantled the IOOF's assurance provisions.

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In this context, unlike breadwinners, few multiple-income families could afford market insurance for sickness. Clearly males in post-breadwinner families could afford to buy market insurance for sickness. As aspiring breadwinners, moreover, older sons were likely to do so. We have two incompatible hypotheses for male heads of post-breadwinner families. According to the first, the old man's model, these heads acquired above-average risk of disability as they passed the age of forty. At the same time, market insurance became available to them at a subsidized price.

9 Prologue not financially ruinous. 5. Lodges in British Columbia had a negligible chance of bankruptcy from sick claims, even from unusually high claims in a given year. Chapter 5 refutes the notion that competition from rival insurers drove the IOOF from the sickness insurance market. By the 19205, as our evidence shows, competition from other sickness insurers was stable or declining. Indirect opportunity cost competition was another matter. Membership and the sick benefit each had an opportunity cost; that is, their popularity was weakening, while interest in competing attractions was rising.

Certain insurance orders, such as the Independent Order of Foresters, offered optional sick and funeral benefits at extra cost through centrally administered sickness and funeral funds. In other cases, the members of a society had privileged access to third-party insurance. The Canadian Odd Fellows Relief Association, 12. A Young Man's Benefit for example, was entirely separate from the IOOF, but sold life policies exclusively to Odd Fellows. Neither Freemasons nor Elks made direct provision for insurance benefits.

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