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Advances in Pesticide Science: Abstract and Addendum by H. Geissbühler, P. C. Kearney and G. T. Brooks (Eds.)

By H. Geissbühler, P. C. Kearney and G. T. Brooks (Eds.)

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Rev. 1975, _75^ 627 • 4. M. Bergon et J. P. Calmon - J. C. S. Perkin Trans 2, 1977, 650 5. A. F. Hegarty and L. N. Frost - J. C. S. Perkin Trans 2, 1973, 1719 T. Nishimura and Y. Miyamoto Ι-9Π7 School of Hygienic Sciences, Kitasato University, Sagamihara-shi, Japan K. Matsumoto and T. , Yokohama-shi, Japan SYNTHESIS OF THIOSEMICARBAZONES OF 3-OXO-ESTERS AND AMIDES AND l-THIOCARBAMOYL-PYRAZOLINE-5-ONES AND THEIR ANTIFUNGAL ACTIVITY AGAINST PIRICULARIA ORYZAE. The purpose of this work is to synthesize the title compounds in order to know the structure-activity relationship and to find effective compounds to control blast of rice.

Complexes of type I can be used as regulators of nitrification in agricultural soils. H. König, V· Rohr Hauptlaboratorium der BASF AG,6700 Ludwigehafen, W·-Germany 1-209 SYNTHESIS AND REACTIONS OF 2-ALKYL-THIADIAZINONE-3-1,1-DIOXIDES By analogy to the structures of "bentazon" and active uracil derivatives substituted 2-alkyl-thiadiazinone-3-1»1-dioxides - M sulfonyl uracil8'·- have been prepared· The conditions of the Whitehead ' synthesis proved to be useful for the addition of N-substituted sulfamides to alkoxymethylene malonic esters to give 2-alkyl-thiadiazinone-3-4-alkoxycarbonyl-1,1-dioxides unsubstituted in the 5-poeition.

W. Addor American Cyanamid Company, Princeton, New Jersey 08540 II-5 BENZOSPIRO PYRETHROIDS The acid, 3,3-dimethylspiro[cyclopropane-1,1'-indene]-2-carboxylic acid (I), was prepared by a previously described route but incorporating the improved ylid 1-isopropylideneindene reaction shown. + CH 3 CE3 O CHCOoEt CH 3v/ CH 3 eis The crystalline cis-acid was isolated and its enantiomers were resolved. The m-phenoxybenzyl, α-cyano-m-phenoxybenzyl, and a number of other esters derived from these and some related acids were found to be potent insecticides.

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