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Aging as a Spiritual Practice: A Contemplative Guide to by Lewis Richmond

By Lewis Richmond

The bestselling writer of Work as a religious perform presents a user’s lifestyles advisor to getting older good and making each year pleasurable and transformative.

Everything alterations. For Zen Buddhist priest and meditation instructor Lewis Richmond, this primary Buddhist guideline is the foundation for a brand new internal highway map that emerges within the later years, charting an knowing which may deliver new percentages and a wealth of appreciation and gratitude for the lifestyles trip itself.

Aging as a religious Practice is a smart, compassionate publication that courses readers during the 4 key phases of aging—such as “Lightning moves” (the second we get up to our aging)—as good because the methods of adapting to alter, embracing who we're, and appreciating our targeted existence chapters. in contrast to many philosophical works on getting older this one contains illuminating evidence from medical researchers, medical professionals, and psychologists in addition to contemplative practices and guided meditations. Breath by means of breath, second via second, Richmond’s teachings encourage unlimited possibilities for a pleasure that transcends age.

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But panic can last only so long. Even though some part of me was unhinged, physically I was feeling fine—no different than a few weeks before. As the days became weeks, the routines of being a cancer patient took hold, and the panic slowly devolved into tedium. I spent hours each day in one waiting room or another, listening for my name to be called. Slowly I came to terms with the fact that I was really ill. If I had had any doubt, the chemotherapy treatments—one every three weeks—made me ill.

Lightning Strikes, Coming to Terms, Adaptation, and Appreciation—they all happened to me in the course of a single year. After twenty-five years, my memory of that period of my life has faded. But my appreciation of it never has. I have never since taken my life for granted. Contemplative Reflections EMOTIONS AND AGING Much of how we experience aging is through our emotions. When things are going well, we feel good and we like the age we are. But things can change all of a sudden and completely overturn that earlier good feeling, and vice versa.

So I got in touch and asked if we could continue the conversation. The following week, I found myself sitting in their living room, drinking a glass of wine, surrounded by athletic trophies and Christina’s bright acrylics. ” “Aging as a Spiritual Practice,” I said. “That makes an interesting connection,” Christina said. “We have the spiritual practice part down,” Alan said. ” He chuckled. “Unless I sleep in. ” “It helps us stay young,” she explained. “At least that’s the plan,” Alan said. “Not that we’re old,” Christina said.

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