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Akubra is Australian for Hat by Grenville Turner

By Grenville Turner

This can be the tale of the history-making hat that has been part of Australian lifestyles on account that 1912. In Akubra Is Australian for Hat, Grenville Turner takes us on a trip with this precise Australian institution.

Aussies have lived, enjoyed, and died lower than their Akubras, and donning one has been a longstanding culture in the course of the continent. The Akubra does all of it. It presents colour from the tough Australian sunlight, works as a fan on a sizzling day, retains snakes at bay, serves as a water jug for a horse, and swats away flies. it might probably also be worn as a hat. cross figure.

This booklet isn't near to background. Its tone is witty and lighthearted, and breathes that well-known Aussie attitude—you'll don't have any concerns so long as you've your Akubra in hand (or on head.)

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It is as if Schliemann had once more excavated Troy, which had hitherto been deemed a fable. At the same time the fellow is doing outrageously well. He demonstrated the reality of my theory in my own case, providing me in a surprising reversal with the solution, which I had overlooked, to my former railroad phobia. For this piece of work I even made him the present of a picture of Oedipus and the Sphinx. (CL, 391–392) With this letter of 21 December 1899 Freud excavates the infantile seduction scenes that since 1897 he has wanted to consider as mere fables, and, like a second Schliemann, he once again pronounces them truthful.

But another and stronger proof of this is furnished by the relationship of the infantile scenes to the content of the whole of the rest of the case history. It is exactly like putting together a child’s picture-puzzle: after many attempts, we become absolutely certain in the end which piece belongs in the empty gap; for only that one piece ªlls out the picture and at the same time allows its irregular edges to be ªtted into the edges of the other pieces in such a manner as to leave no free space and to entail no overlapping.

For more detailed information on this question, he refers his readers to the twenty-third of his Introductory Lectures, which we have been studying. It is rather difªcult, if not impossible, to imagine that the concept of primal fantasy, as expounded in the Introductory Lectures, should provide a satisfactory answer to Freud’s vacillation about truth and falsehood. Perhaps the most direct formulation of the unresolved dilemma that continued to haunt Freud can be glimpsed in a sentence he added in 1918 to his case study of the Wolf Man: “I intend on this occasion to close the discussion of the reality of the primal scene with a non liquet” (“From the History of an Infantile Neurosis,” SE 17:60).

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