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Álgebra lineal by Voevodin, V.V

By Voevodin, V.V

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Improvements in the procurement business function can lead to benefits in terms of cost savings, product quality increases and faster delivery of goods in many different ways (Chen, Paulraj, & Lado, 2004; Prahinski & Benton, 2004; Versendaal & Brinkkemper, 2003; O’Toole & Donaldson, 2002). , Hagel, 2002). E-procurement allows companies to use the Internet for procuring goods, as well as handling value added services like transportation, warehousing, payment, quality validation, and documentation (Johnson & Wang, 2002).

Bass (1985) postulates transformational leaders raise the level of personal awareness and encourage followers to transcend their self-interest resulting in increased motivation and greater effort. Transactional leadership is based on an exchange between followers and leaders. This is defined by the task assigned and subsequent consequences (positive, negative, or neutral) for success or failure. Transactional leadership includes four behaviors: contingent reward, active management by exception (AMBE), passive management by exception (PMBE), and laissez-faire.

S. Burke, L. G. Pierce, & E. ), Understanding adaptability: A prerequisite for effective performance within complex environments: Vol. 6. Advances in human performance and cognitive engineering research (pp. 143-173). Oxford, UK: Elsevier. , & Davis, P. K. (2004). Challenges in virtual collaboration: Videoconferencing, audioconferencing, and computer-mediated communications. Santa Monica, CA: RAND Corporation. An Adaptive Workforce as the Foundation for E-Collaboration kEY tErms A Adaptive Performance: Altering behavior to meet new demands created by the novel and often ill-defined problems resulting from changing and uncertain work situations.

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