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Alluring Tales 2: Hot Holiday Nights by Vivi Anna, Sylvia Day, Delilah Devlin, Cathryn Fox, Myra

By Vivi Anna, Sylvia Day, Delilah Devlin, Cathryn Fox, Myra Jackson, Lisa Renee Jones, Sasha White

The vacations are heating up—with seven wickedly sensual tales certain to boost these cold iciness nights! A psychology scholar is going on-line hoping to stay out her steamiest fantasy—and finally ends up on a scorching secret date with a wickedly resourceful stud who brings out her internal pole-dancer. . . A decided woman comes domestic, burning for her girlhood crush—a horny lawman who totes an immense gun. . . an inventive advert man's ardour is aroused whilst he sees his buttoned-up coworker in a revealing new light—dressed in hot purple satin on a tremendous billboard. . . a certified dominatrix needs upon a celebrity, and her delusion appears—an insatiable alpha male in biker boots who is actually out of this international. . . A tall, darkish, good-looking warlock unearths himself enthusiastic about his "familiar"—a modern and attractive cat-woman who seems to be the purr-fect lover. . . She was once continually sizzling for giant brother's most sensible friend—and now her erotic dream is the following within the taut and tempting flesh. . . a couple of fugitive enthusiasts unearths themselves hot and toasty in a sultry Caribbean paradise—and prepared for a few red-hot enjoyable within the solar. . .

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