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Amos 4.0 Users Guide by James Arbuckle

By James Arbuckle

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We cover some of the big failures and how bots present a huge potential threat. Yes, this is a bit of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD), but it’s important to understand how these failures have affected us in the past. This chapter then examines why we have poor results and how much money we’re spending to get them. We continue to use the same tools, expecting different results, and we’re surprised when things go sideways. We can’t predict results, and this chapter discusses why. Something must be missing; we must be overlooking something pretty basic.

With the network disconnected, the computer was dirt slow at slide 10. A hub- and sniffer-equipped notebook later and we had an answer: a graphic object that the marketing person had downloaded from the Internet was phoning home. The offending object was a cool-looking spinning checkmark that was placed in front of each bullet on our Claims of Security slide. When the notebook was connected to the Internet, the checkmark scraped the IP address of the notebook and sent it back to the mothership.

First, they have a fairly well-defined set of nomenclature that allows them to capture and express their ideas in a universally accepted manner. Second, they have a fairly well-defined set of requirements and success criteria: to keep the room at a constant temperature. The result is easy to see; you just have to look at the thermometer. The diverse nature of our industry leads to disparate definitions of what an endpoint is. Therefore, this chapter defines what we mean by an endpoint. We increase our spectrum of defined endpoints because to do otherwise would do us a disservice by ignoring those endpoints that could cause the most harm.

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