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An Illustrated Dictionary of Art and Archaeology by J W MOLLETT


The Illustrated Dictionary of paintings and Archaeology includes definitions of hundreds of thousands of phrases and greater than seven-hundred illustrations dedicated to a large base of material below the commonly- inclusive heading of artwork and Archaeology. incorporated during this definitive paintings are phrases utilized in structure and in such similar matters as pottery, gown, furnishings, armor, heraldry, weaving, decoration, jewellery, track, and ecclesiastical ritual. Needlework, ivories, goldsmithery, and pigments also are commonly handled, as are Greek, Roman, and Christian antiquities. the entire compilations that went into the full paintings have been drawn from top experts in all the specific topic branches.

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Arrondie, Her. Curved, round. Arrows, in Christian art, are the emblems of pestilence, death, and destruction. v. ). Artemisia, Gr. general term to denote all The most celethe festivals of Diana Artemis. brated were those held at Ephesus, Delphi, and Syracuse. Articulation. The anatomical study of the uncture of the bones. Artolaganus, R. (apro-Xdyavov, i. e. breadkind of dough-cake made with wine, cake). Cicero, in one of his milk, oil, and pepper. laid A A it was delicious. Artophorium (bread-bearer), Chr.

E. breadkind of dough-cake made with wine, cake). Cicero, in one of his milk, oil, and pepper. laid A A it was delicious. Artophorium (bread-bearer), Chr. Another name for the ciborium or costly box prepared to letters, asserts that contain the consecrated Host. Artopta, Gr. and R. (from aprda}, to bake). mould in which bread and pastry were baked. Artopticius, R. (sc. parus). ), since citadels were usually built on elevated sites, thus forming an upper city (aKpSwoXis). tress. to a grotto. A A or> sur- t legends are extant regarding the origin of this festival, which was called Amis from the sheep ; %ulesy mounted by a fret or and an acorn leaved vert.

Tk6s). A vessel, originally shaped like a leather bottle {uter) for It was furnished with a holding water or wine. handle at the top, and had sometimes two mouths, one of which served to fill, the other to empty it. Later on, the askos assumed the form of an earthenware pitcher. Asor, Heb. A musical instrument of ten strings played with the plectrum. Asp. In Egyptian art the emblem of royalty in Christian art, under the feet of saints, of conquered malice. Looking at one another. Aspectant, Her.

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