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An Introduction to Python and Computer Programming by Yue Zhang (auth.)

By Yue Zhang (auth.)

This e-book introduces Python programming language and basic strategies in algorithms and computing. Its audience contains scholars and engineers with very little history in programming, who have to grasp a realistic programming language and research the elemental considering in computing device science/programming. the most contents come from lecture notes for engineering scholars from all disciplines, and has acquired excessive rankings. Its fabrics and ordering were adjusted many times in accordance with school room reception. in comparison to substitute textbooks available in the market, this publication introduces the underlying Python implementation of quantity, string, record, tuple, dict, functionality, category, example and module gadgets in a constant and easy-to-understand manner, making task, functionality definition, functionality name, mutability and binding environments comprehensible inside-out. via giving the abstraction of implementation mechanisms, this publication builds a pretty good knowing of the Python programming language.

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S = " abc \ ndef \ nghi " >>> s ’ abc \ ndef \ nghi ’ In the example above, the two-character sequence ‘\n’, is used in the literal explicitly to represent a new-line character. e. not escaped) line breaks are not allowed in string literals with single or double quotes. Another escape character that has an escape form is the tab character, which can be written as ‘\t’. > > > s = ’ abc def ghi ’ >>> s ’ abc \ tdef \ tghi ’ In the example above, the string s contains two explicit tab characters, which are shown in escaped forms by Python.

Note that different from the case of the print statement, raw_input(“Enter a string:”) is a function call. It forms an expression on the right hand side of an assignment statement in the example above, and is evaluated to a string object. g. “Enter a string:”), which is used for console prompt only. This behavior is rather different from the round, len and int function calls, which are all numerical and do not affect the execution of IDLE. However, it remains true that all function calls are expressions that evaluate to a Python object.

The return value of this function is always a string, and therefore type conversion is necessary when the desired object is an integer, a floating point number or other types. An alternative function for text console input is input, which performs type conversion implicitly. The input function is implemented by adding an automatic type conversion step after a raw_input step. In effect, the function receives a literal from the user, and converts it to a Python object as the return value. 1 Text Input and Output Using Strings 49 In the example above, the input function is called with the “x=” prompt being displayed.

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