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Anabasis of Alexander: Bks.5-7 v. 2 (Loeb Classical Library) by Arrian

By Arrian

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8-7. 3 be aD I hftve to mj abovi India ; the rest be p«t eiide fer nj IndleB Hirtorj, VIL At fer tbe BetiMid by the Mrtbon wboan I ekieiy H; MreMiIoiTMlfflMke vMtMV hM peseipi wee bfli|^eil by boeti»* ee tae HBliport by Xereee ead tbe Betpetm d kHf by Deieiw,* er vbetbcr e eealhMnee brW%e wee baOl — •erom the itrfeei the bfld^hv I ea iselteed to the Idee tbet fffvev ^ ^ "^ ^ ^^^t >*iM ^^P^ ^^ edHtt ev e svUHMf sef eevu ee rfc bete been eei^pleted fai to mile Agete, If the tlreeM wee bH4ged with te wcte HHhed toigethef by fPDWB ttoC te eider ead eo imMd the bridge, ef HeieeraeMM eeye thel the post wee bridged ; or In the wey In which the bridge li OMide on the bter, ead ea the Cehie end hi whkh they bridged the Bephfell —dT%rie, ee eilen ee they were obeiged te do eo-^'^Ue too I eennol eey.

On either side of the bridge ladders* are thrown out* and made fast, so that the piSBSge may be safer ferhoiiMaad baggage aolBals, and also to bind tbo bridlge together; and in mdle a short time, and with much bostle, the whole work is completed; and yet there is good order In the course of the woric ; instmctioiiB nOed 6om ship to ship, and reproofc of shirlced work, do not spoil tlie hearing of the orders, nor the speed of the operation. Vlll. These then are the king-«ttabliriied methods of tlie Boflsans; bat how Alexander bridged the Indns I do not pretend to say, for eren those who senred under bfancBd not ten OS.

I of elephants lud been thrown forward, and where the phalanx, in close formation, was posted in the intcrvab between them, besttatiiig just for those Poms had Ibveseen when making but since his own superiority laj in eavavj, he took with htm the majority of m» csYalry and rode up to the enemr's \c(i wing, intending to make his attack there. Coenus he sent to the right, with the rcwimento of Demetrius and his own; that to 8000 mm the Indians he commanded should perceire the olid body of earahy beride Aleiander and adrance their cavalry to meet it, he shooid keep behind them.

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