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Technology of Lunar Exploration by Clifford Cumming (Eds.)

By Clifford Cumming (Eds.)

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C o s m o c h i m . A c t a , 1_, 209 (1951); T h e P l a n e t s ( Y a l e U n i v e r s i t y P r e s s , N e w Haven, 1952); P r o c . U . S . N a t l . A c a d S e i . , 4^, 127 (1955); P r o g . P h y s . C h e m . Earth, 2_, 46 (1957); in P h y s i c s and A s t r o n o m y of the M o o n , edited by Z . K o p a l ( A c a d e m i c P r e s s , N e w Y o r k and London, 1962), Chap. 13. 27 Z. KOPAL 18 L e v i n , Β . Y . and M a e v a , S. V . , Acad. , 133, 92 (1960). 19 M a c Donald, G. J.

KOPAL Fig. 4 33 s o u t h of the Lunar Programme) photograph; crater Posidonius (Pic-du-Midi Observatory Manchester sunrise Wrinkle ridges at TECHNOLOGY OF LUNAR EXPLORATION T E C H N O L O G Y O F LUNAR EXPLORATION A LUNAR SURFACE MODEL FOR ENGINEERING PURPOSES Victor P . Head 1 Radio Corporation of America, Princeton, N . J. ABSTRACT Subresolution surface geometry and soil strength of the lunar maria are deduced using evidence from several disciplines. Continuous and overlapping craterlets in sintered granular rock of strength p r o portional to depth are predicted for the least formidable areas and demonstrated by table-top models of the lunar surface and by statistical and thermomechanical studies.

25 h below the original undisturbed surface. Here h is the "depth" used by Ebert, measured from the top of the crater rim to the floor, and it can be shown that this choice of 0. 25 h defines a plane which approximately bisects the volume of material displaced during crater formation, and so should be most representative of the shattered material. Among the craters formed in the course of the author's experiments, one was carefully sectioned and measured, and found virtually identical in shape to the proportions of Kepler.

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